TF Vineyard & Winery

Texan Owned, Texas Produced

Blanc Du Bois

Blanc du Bois is a hybrid grape variety devoloped at the University of Florida. This type has resistance to Pierce's disease as well as being resistant to downy mildew. Blanc du Bois tends to grow well on its own rootstock with high yields.

Beautiful vines with golden clusters of sweet grapes that produce a light, fresh wine that can be enjoyed year round. Available in sweet or dry styles.

Le Noir

Le Noir (Black Spanish), native to Texas, is resistance to disease. This variety of grape produces sweet berries with dark juice. Great table wines can be produced with this type of grape

This spectacular dark green vine produces large luscious purple clusters. These delightful grapes make a statement in our sweet red table wine.

Coming Soon

TF Vineyard and Winery has been in the planning stage for ten years. The vineyard became a reality in spring of 2013 and we were blessed with a wonderful first harvest in 2016.

Upcoming plans:
Serenity Garden – a charming corner away from the busy winery, tucked under the branches of an enormous native grape vine will be a place to honor your special pet,… find a place to “breathe” or just enjoy the sun-dappled outdoors with a view of the vineyard. *memorial plaques, bricks, wind chimes and benches will be available