Dry Red


Bold, dark, full-bodied. This barrel aged in both American & French Oak creates a winning combination of delight that pairs well with steaks, prime rib or by itself.


This smooth, fruit forward and medium body wine is a wonderful way to share with a friend as you sip on the porch or delight your senses. (100% TX)

Rock Island Red Line

Taking the best of the fruitiness of the Texas Tempranillo and the Tangy LeNoir from our own vineyard creates an outstanding blend that pairs well with hearty BBQ! Try some today. (100% TX)


Gorgeous, purple, tangy and perfect for the rich meat dishes you love. This estate grown grape makes a statement as you sip with your favorite meal.

Red Zinfandel

Coming Spring 2021

Dry White

Blanc du Bois

Our vineyard grown dry, crisp yet smooth white wine pairs well with chicken, pasta dishes, cheese and all alone on the patio on a hot Texas Summer day. Refreshing!

Rock Island White Line

Unique marriage of Italian origin Malvasia and Texas Blanc du Bois is a match made in heaven! Light, crisp and satisfying – serve chilled, it pairs well with salads, pork, creamy pasta dishes and green olives

Malvasia Bianca

This flavorful, aromatic beauty with the nose of orange blossoms is reminiscent of Viognier and pairs with blackened fish, chicken or salad.

Off Dry

Blanc du Bois

The perfect wine that is “not too sweet yet not too dry” This 100% Texas Wine is crisp, clean with slight tropical fruit notes and an exceptionally smooth and satisfying finish. The perfect wine to purchase for a friend that likes both sweet and dry wine. Enjoy while sitting on your porch or ours. Also pairs well with salad, pork, chicken or cheese dishes.

Sweet Red

Le Noir

Wonderful dark ruby wine that is sweet and can be enjoyed alone but also goes incredibly well with BBQ, spicy Mexican dishes or any red meat meal.

Sweet White

Blanc du Bois

Smooth and Easy; our 100% Texas grown right here in our vineyard, is a wine that pairs well with hot and spicy foods but is also enjoyable to drink before dinner or as an after-dinner treat.

Malvasia Bianca

Beautiful and refreshing sweet wine can be made into a summer spritzer or handle hot spicy nachos & tacos.


Weatherford, Texas/ Parker County Peaches create a winning combination of a rich dessert wine that you do not want to miss! This limited quantity in the adorable 375ml bottles make a great gift for a friend or yourself.

Blush & Rosé


This TF Signature Wine is a combination of both grapes grown on our estate: Blanc du Bois and LeNoir creating a perfect, smooth and beautiful wine. It pairs well with spicy foods or is enjoyable to drink by itself.


This is a wonderful, chilled, summertime favorite that not only pairs well with chicken, pork, feta cheese salad but with the light notes of orange blossoms also is at home with a taco, BBQ or pizza. Share a bottle today!