TF Vineyard: Paula's Dream
* 2006 YEAR

In 2006 I begin attending local field “tail gate” meetings with the Agri-life vineyard experts. Even though I am way over my head and don’t know a bud from a cane, I can’t let go of my dream. My husband, (and now wine-maker) and I check out wineries and vineyards across the state. The dream lives on!

TF Vineyard: Initiating the Dream
* MAR 2006

While attending pruning classes and saving grapevine cuttings to learn basic techniques, we began our venture to raise over 100 grapevines in our small backyard.

TF Vineyard: Planning the Dream
* DEC 2012

After searching for several years we found a beautiful property that has a gorgeous view. We are blessed!

TF Vineyard: Constructing the Dream
* MAR 2013

Construction of our storefront began with the idea to allow the feel of “family and friends” at home. Utilizing a building on site we managed to achieve just that.

TF Vineyard: Planting the Dream
* Mar 2014

With the help of family and friends we clear field, begin setting end posts, wire and irrigation. March of 2013 our first four rows are planted.